Protesting for Climate ActionClimate mitigation is critical, right here in this moment—if we don't back efforts now, the crisis will become costly beyond monetary measure. 

The Michigan Climate Action Network (MiCAN) has become one of the strongest voices behind bold, equitable climate solutions for our state, driving forward the conversation and the bounds of what is possible.

While we recognize no one person or organization can tackle this cause alone, we believe with fierce conviction in the power of a well-informed, well-supported collective. Our new strategic plan poises MiCAN to act as the switchboard connecting individuals in our extensive network with our aligned partner organizations, engaging ever more climate-savvy advocates aware of action they can take in their own communities.

We are inspired to assume the role of the megaphone for the climate movement in Michigan: walking alongside advocates and amplifying their indispensable efforts, with the intent to set forth a ripple effect of climate communications that will invoke durable cultural shifts leading to a more just, equitable, resilient, and sustainable future for all Michiganders.

With your support, we can create real change that impacts our planet and our beautiful state for generations to come. Donate to our mutual future using the form below, or make a check payable to Michigan Climate Action Network, 602 W. Ionia, Lansing, MI 48933. Online payments are processed on our behalf by Michigan Environmental Council.

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