Karen Scarborough

  • commented on Contact Us 2022-02-17 10:37:03 -0500
    I went to the road commission this morning to ask for an exception for a tree. I discovered that the road commission is out of touch with the public. They do not know what we want, and they do not care. They had the job of notifying all of those impacted by this Fixed Object Removal Project, and they failed. They say that they sent out post cards and put an ad in the paper. I, and all of my neighbors, did not receive a post card. Hell, they don’t even have my name correct in their planning records so how in the hell are they sure they sent me something?! And nobody reads the paper anymore, so that is no longer a reliable source of getting information out. Using the paper shows how out of touch they are.

    The tree that I was asking for an exception for sits in one of the lowest spots on Millington Road. This area is prone to flooding. I explained to them that having this healthy tree and it’s established root system in place helps keep the ground stable and prevents my driveway was from washing out.

    They completely ignored me. Instead stating that had I made the request 6 month ago, that they would have granted it. As this tree falls into the area where they were making exceptions. But now that they have the “plan” in place, that they can’t make an exception for me, because then it would open it up for others to ask for exceptions.

    Don’t we have the right as voting, tax paying, homeowners to request exceptions to things such as this? If they failed to notify me and other homeowners of a project that impacts me, shouldn’t they be willing to listen to us now?

    I asked them if when my driveway washes out because of their actions if I could bring them the repair bill, they laughed and again dismissed me.

    The board was dismissive and arrogant. One member actually said that we needed to hurry along so that they could get to another issue. They simply DO NOT CARE what we as homeowners want or what we think.

    I am disturbed by what I witnessed this morning.

    I need help stopping the slaughter of these trees that will impact our environment.

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