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    How are you doing? Well, I hope!

    Kids are generally a lot smarter (sometimes too smart…) than we think they are. Especially when it comes to leading greener, cleaner lives. They often know more about recycling, or about how eco friendly energy works than we do. It’s great to see.

    What are the reasons our kids can be so much better than adults at knowing how to be more eco-conscious?

    I’m someone who formerly worked in environmental health and now work as a writer. This subject is one that’s close to my heart, and it’d be great to share some hints and tips with you!

    I’d love to write an article for on the reasons why kids are better at being eco-conscious than adults. I was looking at while researching an article and it crossed my mind that your audience would welcome a blog post on this idea because we all need to get better at living greener, eco-friendly lives! All I’d ask for in return is a mention of a site I’ve worked on before within the resources.

    I’d also be happy to write around any other ideas you had too. Of course, the article will be tailored to your existing content and fully referenced for accuracy.

    Can I send a piece over for you to read?

    Sincere regards,


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