Mark Willing

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    The Trump administration’s goal of a “smaller” Federal government, restructuring, and realignment, etc. has left us with this sense that the states have been nearly abandoned with regards to environmental protection. The recent interview on Fox News between Chris Wallace and EPA director Scott Pruitt reinforces this idea, but two points made by Mr. Pruitt made clear that, one, that the EPA has only powers given to them through Congress which may limit the power of enforcement at the state level, and two, his goal to put more of the environmental responsibility and enforcement upon the individual states. That said, like it or not, do not expect the Federal government to fund important environmental projects within the individual states. Instead of protesting, having marches in Washington DC, and asking for donations to pursue Federal legislation changes,…as Michiganders, need to put our energy and money towards Michigan. If we don’t want fracking or more pipelines in Michigan, that’s our business, and we need to do something about it. If we want the pipeline under the Mackinac strait shut down, we need to do it. If we want more state incentives for residential and commercial solar projects, we need to do it. If we want to clean up agricultural water run-off, we need to do it. To be crass, "F**k the Federal government! Stop wasting our energy and money on them. Let’s focus on what we can do within Michigan. Give our own Department of Environment and other state regulatory agencies the legal power and authority to enforce state legislation. To be quite frank, I have made a point of resisting all these “donate now” e-mails I receive that want to focus on blocking the Trump administration. At least until 2018 primaries, there is nothing we can do with regards to this. I would, however, put my money and energy towards forward progress of environmental issues within Michigan. Get the word out on the media outlets, make people aware, and then push the agenda within Michigan.

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