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    I’m very proud of all these Michigan mayors who’ve taken a stand against the backward thinking administration of Trump. Climate Change and Global Warming are so real and so very dangerous to every living thing on this planet. If it ever gets into a runaway stage there will be nothing we humans can do about it and the naysayers, at the very last minute of course, will regret what they’ve done to their home world. Too late though as a sixth extinction event begins taking place.

    Michigan Mayors Endorsing Paris Climate Agreement

    We are proud to list those Michigan mayors who are acting upon the fact that our climate is warming, and agree that swift action needs to be taken. *

    Please help us by endorsing the commitment of these mayors, and then calling on YOUR mayor to add their name to the list.

    Mayor Christopher Taylor
    City of Ann Arbor, MI

    Mayor Brenda Hess
    City of Buchanan, MI

    Mayor Mike Duggan
    City of Detroit, MI

    Mayor Mark Meadows
    City of East Lansing, MI

    Mayor David Coulter
    City of Ferndale, MI

    Mayor Karen Weaver
    City of Flint, MI

    Mayor Rosalyn Bliss
    City of Grand Rapids, MI

    Mayor Karen Majewski
    City of Hamtramck, MI

    Mayor Bobby J Hopewell
    City of Kalamazoo, MI

    Mayor Andy Schor
    City of Lansing, MI

    Mayor William Sprague
    City of Lapeer, MI

    Mayor Kurt R Metzger
    City of Pleasant Ridge, MI

    Mayor Daniel Guzzi
    City of Rockwood, MI

    Mayor Mike Fournier
    City of Royal Oak, MI

    Mayor Jim Carruthers
    Traverse City, MI

    Mary William R Wild
    City of Westland, MI

    Mayor Amanda Maria Edmonds
    City of Ypsilanti, MI

    *Updated February 1, 2019

    Mayor Carruthers Endorses
    Traverse City Mayor Jim Carruthers speaks to a crowd about climate change




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